Custom homepage design

WebePOP will purchase a temporary domain and make it the address of the new site while in development.  After initial installation and design development, the buyer is able to observe the sites progress by visiting the development site. 

Dedicated Project Manager

Fully dedicated project management. Weekly updates and available for questions and support.

E-mail accounts

Up to 3 free domain name email accounts supported. Additional accounts and Outlook 365 available for additional fees

Responsive Design

Website design fully compatible with all mobile, desktop and tablet screens.

Unlimited Maintenance & Support

24-hour support. All security and code updates included. Minor fixes and changes are free. New pages, posts, images and functions billed at our low hourly rates.

Basic Copy Writing Support

Buyer provides copy content. WebePOP will suggest phrases, keywords, and format for site aesthetics, functionality or Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Image Sourcing and Licensing

Buyer provides media depicting business and services. WebePOP will protect buyers content to the best of our ability and whenever necessary, we will provide stock licensed media.

Content Migration Assistance

WebePOP will assist in collecting content and media from other sites, products or vendors.

On-site SEO & Support

WebePOP provides consistent SEO support. We stay on top of the latest search engine requirements for your sites good ranking.  We use software that provides the latest SEO standards and we tweak your sites SEO whenever necessary to gain the best results.

Reliability Hosting

99.9% uptime. Our hosting services use well maintained Linux servers.  None of our sites have had any downtime. It just hasn’t happened. If it is ever determined that WebePOP’s code causes an interruption of service we will pro-rate buyers maintenance fees for the period of time the site is down.

Security Monitoring

WebePOP is using the latest malware site protection software that alerts us if your site is attacked.

Social Media Integration

Webepop will provide button links for the buyer’s social networks in the sites header, footer or both.

Social Media Coaching

(Included in our Website Plus plan)

Email Marketing Basic + Coaching

(Included in our Website Plus plan)

Email Marketing Advanced

(Included in our Website Plus plan)

Landing Page and FB Marketing Campaign

(Included in our Website Plus plan)

Ticketing & Events

(Included in our E-Store + More plan)

eCommerce Store

(Included in our E-Store + More plan)

Membership Plans

(Included in our E-Store + More plan)

Subscription Plans

(Included in our E-Store + More plan)

Appointment Booking

(Included in our E-Store + More plan)

Invoice and order management

(Included in our E-Store + More plan)

Payment Gateways

(Included in our E-Store + More plan)

Purchase now or contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.